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Our Business

ALFA-Upstream comprises 6 business lines (BL). Those BL, based customers needs, might be integrated to provide superior value. The table below summarizes the business lines.

Pumping Services Supplies
Bulk Plant Services
Raw materials (cement, acid, …) Inventory management
Rental of 350 & 550 gals Liquid Tote Tanks with DNV certified frame
Supplies of foam balls, disposable coveralls, chemical gloves and others...…
Mud Logging Supplies M&S for Mud logging cabin
Calibration Gas for Gas panels …
Testing Services Piping and Basket management …

Mud Solutions services
Mud Plant services
Supplies of laboratory reagents
Lab equipment certification
Vacuum Trucks (15 & 20 m3)
Cutting and trash skips
Containers rental
Soda Ash and Sodium bicarbonate supplies …
General services Provision of qualified/experienced personnel
Washbay services …
Filtration Services Provision of filtration equipment and consumables (this is for filtration of completion and workers fluids)

Company Orientations

Making the most of our unique assets, ALFA-Upstream is committed to provide services that enhance and optimize our customers' performance. Three Company Orientations that focus on people, Q-HSE, and profit are our work’s foundation.

  • Manpower for oilfield activities (Mud Plant roustabouts, operators and…)
  • Our commitment to HSE and quality is the basis for our competitive advantage.
  • Our determination to produce superior profits is the cornerstone for our future independence of action and growth.

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Career Development

A career at ALFA-Upstream will challenge you to invent your future by working on challenging projects with our customers. We value experience and encourage fresh eyes in the industry.We deliver quality coaching and training to our personnel through our collaboration with international service leaders and through internal training programs. We respect the competency and commitment of our personnel and we ensure that their wellbeing, personal development and safety are never compromised. Working for ALFA-Upstream empowered you for your career development.

    Tel : +242 056804669