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Pumping Supplies

At ALFA-Upstream we make more agile our customer’s capex, cleaner the balance sheet by managing acceptable inventory levels. This is for providing products and services used for pumping services.

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Mud Logging Supplies

ALFA-Upstream provides supplies to run operations smoothly . We provide from the bag to sampling materials. The table below is the list of items available

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Surface Testing Supplies

For Testing, ALFA-Upstream focuses on Pipework and Basket management. This is thru available expertise, experience acquired thru the years spent on the field and continuous formal/on job training.

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Mud Solutions Supplies

    We work closely with the Mud solutions companies to excellence in execution by providing the following
  • Mud plant services as mentioned on pumping services
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Filtration Services

Filtration services represents our organic business. ALFA-Upstream will provide fit-to-purpose filtration services. The traditional use of 2 bag units and 2 cartridges units will be challenged when customer calls for this service.

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General Services

    General services comprise provision of manpower to various oilfield activities. We can list the following (not limited to):
  • Manpower for oilfield activities (Mud Plant roustabouts, operators and…)
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